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Why Didn’t China Apologize For Covid? 

Why hasn’t the Chinese government apologized for Covid?  It would be the decent thing to do.  And yet they haven’t even expressed regret.  Instead, they just angrily deny that they had anything to do with it.  

I’m not usually someone going on about China. As far as the Taiwan situation, the South China Sea, all that–I pretty much don’t care. I say this to establish my objectivity on the matter. Because when it comes to Covid, China is obviously at fault, yet has somehow escaped real censure for their actions.

The latest on Covid’s origins point to it coming from a lab in Wuhan, which is the most obvious and also the most parsimonious explanation.   Finally the U.S. Energy Department has made this conclusion, so perhaps now we’re allowed to say it too without being censored.  FBI Director Christopher Wray also stated that the FBI believes it came from the Wuhan lab. 

An apology is in order, China.

The other theory was that it was a “natural” animal to human transmission, like from a bat at one of the weird meat markets in China.  Either way, one can say the blame lies with China.  And I’m putting my money on the lab leak.  

Our government has strangely spent the last three years throwing doubt on the lab leak theory, presumably because it tends to put more culpability on China.  If the Chinese are creating exotic viruses in labs, that means they’re morally responsible for what they unleashed, whether it was “leaked” or intentionally spread into other countries.  Also acting against the establishment’s acceptance of the lab leak theory is the fact that President Trump believed this to be Covid’s origin. 

But the left preferred to put blame on President Trump, as though he himself created Covid; and therefore the theory of the lab leak has been censored for years.  It turns out the “conspiracy theorists” were probably correct.    

Getting back to the apology that we need: Despite creating this massive devastation and disruption across the globe, neither China’s President Xi Jinping nor any other Chinese leader has said “sorry.”  To my knowledge, not a single individual in China, a country with over a billion people, has said “sorry.”  An apology is in order, China.  I’m waiting. 

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