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Picasso Canceled at His Own Exhibition

The infiltration of wokeness is hardly limited to education and the workplace. Unfortunately, the left has made inroads into the very fabric of our cultural life. There is no respite from an overbearing political correctness, not even in the quiet contemplation of art. 

You may have heard rumblings about Pablo Picasso’s supposed misogyny around the time of the 50th anniversary of his death. The Guardian called him a “monstrous misogynist” and “cultural appropriator.” That’s right — Picasso was being canceled. 

It should be no surprise, then, that the legendary Spanish artist was “canceled” at his own exhibition. It begs the question: why display his work only to denigrate him? That’s just what the Dallas Museum of Art did.

The exhibition is entitled “Picasso’s Muses: Between Inspiration and Obsession.” It has a description, both on the museum website and posted on the display, which pays tribute to Picasso’s great contribution to modern art. It then quickly pivots to giving the woke, feminist critique of Picasso:

“Picasso’s name and legacy are also undivorceable from the misogynistic or abusive behavior he demonstrated toward women.” 

What did Picasso do to deserve being called a misogynist on a placard for museum goers? He dated younger women, cheated on his wife—that kind of thing. Let’s say Picasso was a womanizer and not an ideal spouse. But it hardly puts him out of the mainstream of famous men who parlay their artistic success into romantic success. 

The placard continues to scold Picasso: 

“The artist was inspired by his lovers, who served as muses for his ever-changing style. These women were key to Picasso’s artistic success and fame, yet their contributions are often overlooked.”

Now we are apparently still allowed to engage with Picasso’s work, but in the context of finding it problematic. These leftist complaints are so bizarre that one is not quite sure how they might be mollified. Perhaps feminists resent that women were the subjects of Picasso’s art rather than the artists themselves. They might prefer if the women painted Picasso rather than the other way around.  

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