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The ADL Defames Elon Musk

Leftists were gloating when Twitter was losing ad revenue. Companies have been wary to buy ad space since Musk took over. Yet when Musk finally identified the entity which is pressuring advertisers, they called foul. Namely, the ADL is a very powerful organization insofar as they are able to define what is “hate speech” and what speech should be allowed. It’s simply too much power for one organization to have, and this is about the last organization one would wish to have such power.  

It’s amusing to see the left go from gloating over trying to destroy Twitter to now playing the victim. To be more specific, they are claiming that Musk’s criticism of the ADL is an example of antisemitism. Yet let’s not forget that it’s the ADL attacking Twitter, not the other way around. Musk is merely defending himself and has the courage to call out the real aggressors, though he likely anticipated this hysterical reaction. 

The ADL wanted a permanent Trump ban on Twitter

The advertising executives tell Musk it’s the ADL that is stopping their hand from buying ads on Twitter. They have no axe to grind; they’re simply reporting the facts. Likewise, Musk is not particularly ideological either. You wouldn’t really call Musk a “conservative,” given his lifestyle and his eclectic views. Musk is simply reporting what the advertisers are telling him, and they’re all saying the same thing: the ADL is instigating an ad boycott.

This is why I’ve always considered Musk a heroic figure. He simply elides over the rules and just says what everyone already knows–in this case that the ADL is a vindictive, ideological organization that is bad for the democratic values that America was founded on such as free speech. Bravo, sir!

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