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The Real Scandal in Trump’s Classified Document Problems

The real takeaway from the tape of Trump discussing reportedly classified documents is not the documents itself, nor the fact that they were classified.  The takeaway is that General Mark Milley and the Deep State at the DOD wanted to attack Iran. 

Here’s from the transcript of the tape of Trump discussing a supposedly classified document: 

“Well with Milley…I’ll show you an example, he said I wanted to attack Iran.  Isn’t it amazing? I have this big pile of papers...This was him!...They presented me this.  This was the Defense Department and him.”   

Reportedly, Trump was talking to his former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, another staffer, and a journalist. Presumably the journalist recorded him.

“I was just saying, because we were talking about it, and he said he wanted to attack Iran.” 

The tape is really lacking context.  But it sounds like Trump is trying to correct a matter of historical record.  So what is more shocking–that Trump had the wrong papers, or that Milley and our Deep State wanted war with Iran?  Which one of those has graver implications?  

As for Trump, it seems that in some context he was accused of being a war-monger or a loose cannon.  His point was that he was a voice of restraint, as evidenced by the document he’s referencing.  That is relevant insofar as it proves that Trump was doing what his voters wanted him to do; namely, avoid neocon wars.  

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